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  • Programming -Our staff has experience in programming the old staples, Assembler, Basic, Cobol and RPG; and, the new staples Visual Basic, xBase, C and C++; and, several not-so-popular languages. We have experience in applications from Assembly-and-test through Zero-based-budgeting... Airplanes through Zebras.

  • Repairs Hardware and Software - We have several service options, from you bringing your computer to our office, to us bringing our computers out to your site for temporary use to get through a major crisis on project

  • Networking

  • Training - We believe the most effective training comes from doing. We prefer for you to define one, or several specific projects that you need to accomplish; then, we join you in accomplishing these goals. We teach you approaches to solving your projects and help you accomplish your goal; you learn the technology to accomplish similar projects in the future

  • Emergency Help



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