Moore Works promotes exercise and activity for general health and enjoyment. We believe you will appreciate all the effort and pain when you are 84 years old.

Exercise competitions:

  1. March 2002 - March .75 Madness. Results.
  2. August 2002 - Exercise Till You Drop. Rules. Results.
  3. December 2002 - Die Another Day. Rules. Results.
  4. February 2003 - Someone Name This Rules. Results.
  5. April 2003 - Spring Cleaning Rules. Results.
  6. June 2003 - Anything But Golf Competition  Rules. Results.
  7. August 2003 - Hot As All Get Out  Rules. Results.
  8. October 2003 - SKIP RECORD SORRY
  9. December 2003 - Holly Jolly Workout  Rules. Results.



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  2. Our EMail Group ( and our Wiki (http://WorksMore.Com/phpwiki/index.php?Exercise) ) is used to communicate between contest participants.