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Counseling Works is a private practice, specializing in abusive relationships, victims of sexual assault, and parent/child relationships. Call us at (210) 203-2057 (Voice Mail/Pager) if you would like me to call.


Outgrowing the Pain

How Can I Help

Will a Batterer Change

Effects on children

Verbal Abuse - The Destructive Force

Verbal Abuse Support Group

  First Tuesday each month

Women encountering verbal abuse are welcome to come to Verbal Abuse Group meeting the first Tuesday of each month at 6 PM at the Counseling Works office in the Northwest Medical Center area. Call Joan Wells for information concerning the group. Fee: $15

Voice Mail/Pager: 210-203-2057

Alternatives to Conflict Training (ACT)

ACT is a special program to help prevent further family violence. Sometimes family members begin to realize that someone needs help. These classes are designed to interrupt continuing family violence. The classes are held in weekly groups. There is 15 classes in the series. We have them for men and women. We take court mandated participants as well as volunteers. Any man wishing further information or to enroll should call. The classes are available in Spanish. Spanish speaking individuals should leave call back information in English. Women wishing information or to enroll in the program should call
Pager/Voicemail (210) 203-2057.


Joan Wells. LPC

Joan Wells is a Licensed Professional Counselor and was the clinical director of the Battered Women's Shelter's Counseling Center for five years. She helps train F.A.C.T. volunteers and speaks publicly in a variety of settings. She now works in private practice, specializing in abusive relationships, victims of sexual assault, and parenting.

People and organizations I want to thank:

  1. Dale E. Moore for creating this web page.
  2. Victims Advocacy, San Antonio Police Dept. (210) 207-2141
  3. PEACE: Putting an End to Abuse through Community Efforts, (210) 735-4985

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